Taiwan Electronic Map

Last Updated: Friday, 29 January 2016

        In order to improve the performance and decision-making quality of central and local government, the government established an integrated NGIS through Internet. Such system can not only reach the goal of e-government policy, but also boost the domestic GIS development and enhance the nation's overall competitiveness eventually. Therefore all units were instructed to build a specific database. The projects of “Investigation of the land use” and “Planning and implementation of national database” both belong to it. The Ministry of the Interior continued to implement 1/5,000 basic map, 1/1,000 digital topographic map, location data of address and utility data, etc, which are all fundamental data of NGIS. However, since the numerous database needed to spend a long time to build and confronted the lack of budget, the progress of building NGIS database became slow down. With the result of slow pace of public construction, land-use planning, land conservation, disaster prevention and relief, economic development, scholars and experts proposed to build common digital map so as to shorten the time to build the basic map which can offer an efficient, low-cost, decent precision data for the future uses of land-use planning, land restoration, disaster prevention and relief, and livelihood activities.

        To boost the domestic economy and national competitiveness, the government is actively developing the expansion of public construction and the promotion of domestic consumption, and proposing a “Beloved Taiwan, 12 items of construction" plan to strengthen Taiwan's international competitive edge. As a result of the instant requirements of various planning of national construction, a nation-wide digital map with interoperability, consistency and periodic maintenance became essential. For the sake of urgent demands, we endeavored to implement a common digital map including new ortho imagery and vector maps covering the whole Taiwan area with the limited budget in a shorter period. Such a way can attain the objective of data resource sharing in once production.

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