Base Chart of Marine Area

Last Updated: Wednesday, 01 April 2015

        Taiwan is surrounded with the ocean. The people’s livelihood is closely related to the sea. " the Law of Republic of China on the Territorial Sea and adjacent areas" set the boundary of Taiwan's territorial waters with the basis of designated. In 1999, the Executive Yuan announced the first batch of the Republic of China territorial sea baseline surrounding the Taiwan island and nearby sea area, including Penghu island, Siaoliouciou, Green Island, Orchid Island, Gueishan Island, Pengjiayu and other islands, which composed of 22 basic points. The sea area expanding 12 nautical miles out of the baseline is definitely set as our territorial sea. The area expanding 12 nautical miles further out of the territorial sea is set as adjacent sea area. Therefore, the boundary of our country's territorial waters has been clearly defined. According to the “White Paper of the Ocean” published by Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan, the overall objective is to build a sound legal system and organization of marine affairs, strengthen the construction and management of sea and ocean, maintain the sustainable use of marine resources, ensure the rights of the National Oceanic, strengthen marine humanities, education, advocacy, etc. to lay a foundation of awareness of the ocean. In order to build a national constructive foundation for the sustainable marine resources development and management, the implementation of basic information on the marine survey cannot be afforded to wait. 

Output of base chart of marine area